Christiansburg, Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Christiansburg, Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Christiansburg, Virginia is a small town located in the New River Valley of southwestern Virginia. It is bordered by the cities of Blacksburg and Radford, as well as several other towns and villages. The area is known for its rich history, stunning scenery, and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Blacksburg is the closest city to Christiansburg, located just 10 miles away. This vibrant college town is home to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and offers visitors plenty of attractions to explore such as the Moss Arts Center, Hahn Horticulture Garden, and Lyric Theatre. There are also many restaurants, shops, and galleries to enjoy throughout the town.

Radford is another nearby city located about 15 miles from Christiansburg. This charming community is home to Radford University and features a variety of attractions including Bisset Park, Radford Public Library, McBride Arboretum & Botanical Garden, and much more. Visitors can also explore the city’s many restaurants and shops while enjoying its picturesque scenery.

The surrounding towns of Elliston-Lafayette, Fairlawn, Shawsville, Riner are all within close proximity to Christiansburg as well. These small communities offer visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking at Pandapas Pond or fishing in Claytor Lake State Park. There are also several historic sites in each town that provide an interesting look into their pasts such as the Elliston Depot Museum or the Shawsville United Methodist Church.

Overall, Christiansburg offers visitors plenty of opportunities for exploration. From vibrant cities like Blacksburg or Radford to quaint villages like Elliston-Lafayette or Fairlawn – there’s something for everyone in this beautiful corner of southwestern Virginia.

Christiansburg, Virginia

Population of Christiansburg, Virginia

Christiansburg, Virginia is a small town located in the New River Valley of southwestern Virginia. It is bordered by the cities of Blacksburg and Radford, as well as several other towns and villages. According to the 2019 U.S. Census, the population of Christiansburg was 21,948 people.

The population of Christiansburg is comprised mostly of white individuals (84%), followed by African Americans (7%), Hispanics (4%), Asians (3%) and other races/ethnicities at 2%. There are also a variety of religions represented in the town including Christianity (50%), non-religious individuals (19%), Judaism (1%), Islam (1%) and other faiths at 29%.

The median age in Christiansburg is 32 years old, with 24% of residents between the ages of 18-24 and 22% between 25-34. The median household income for the town is $49,814 with about 11% of families living below poverty level.

Christiansburg has a diverse economy with many different industries that provide jobs to its citizens. The largest employers include Virginia Tech, Carilion Clinic, Radford University, New River Valley Community College, NRV Mall and Walmart Supercenter. Additionally, there are many small businesses throughout town that contribute to its economy such as shops, restaurants and service providers.

Overall, Christiansburg offers residents a vibrant community with plenty of amenities and job opportunities. With its diverse population and growing economy – it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to make this small town their home.

Schools and Education of Christiansburg, Virginia

Christiansburg, Virginia is home to a variety of schools and educational opportunities. The town is part of the Montgomery County Public School system which serves over 11,000 students in grades K-12. There are five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school in the town.

The most notable school in Christiansburg is Virginia Tech, a public research university located just a few miles south of the town. Virginia Tech offers over 100 undergraduate majors and minors as well as numerous graduate programs for students looking to pursue higher education.

In addition to Virginia Tech, Christiansburg also has several other universities and colleges located nearby. Radford University is a public university located just 15 miles south of town offering both undergraduate and graduate levels of study. Additionally, New River Community College provides two-year associate degrees that can be transferred to four-year universities.

Christiansburg also offers many options for private education outside of traditional school settings. There are several private academies located around the city including The Hill School, St Anne’s Catholic School and New River Academy. These academies provide students with an alternative learning environment that focuses on individualized instruction and smaller class sizes.

Overall, Christiansburg provides its citizens with plenty of educational opportunities. From the renowned Virginia Tech to the various private academies – there’s something for everyone in this beautiful corner of southwestern Virginia.

Landmarks in Christiansburg, Virginia

According to ehangzhou, Christiansburg, Virginia is home to a range of unique landmarks and attractions that make it a great place to visit. One of the most recognizable landmarks in the area is the Montgomery County Courthouse which was built in 1878 and is still standing today. The courthouse houses a variety of county offices and serves as a reminder of the town’s rich history.

The town also offers a variety of outdoor attractions, perfect for those looking to explore the area’s natural beauty. Christiansburg Aquatic Center is one of the most popular destinations, offering year-round swimming and recreational activities for all ages. Claytor Lake State Park is another popular spot – located just minutes from downtown, it provides visitors with access to numerous trails, picnic areas and boat rentals.

In addition to its outdoor attractions, Christiansburg also has several museums that are worth visiting. The Museum of Geosciences showcases an extensive collection of rocks and minerals while the Virginia Museum of Natural History offers interactive exhibits on local wildlife. There are also several art galleries located around town that feature works by local artists as well as traveling exhibits from around the world.

Overall, Christiansburg has plenty of unique landmarks that make it an interesting place to visit. From its historic courthouse to its outdoor recreational activities – there’s something for everyone in this charming small town.

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