Butner, North Carolina Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Butner, North Carolina Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to best-medical-schools.com, Butner, North Carolina is a small town located in the southern part of Granville County. It is bordered by several cities and towns, all of which provide unique attractions and services to the area.

To the north of Butner lies Oxford, North Carolina. Oxford is home to several historic sites such as the Granville County Courthouse and the Old Post Office Museum, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. It is also home to the Oxford-Henderson Airport which offers charter flights and private lessons for those interested in learning how to fly.

Just south of Butner is Creedmoor, North Carolina. This small town offers a range of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and more at its many parks and trails. It also has a thriving downtown area with restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and live music venues that are perfect for an evening out or a weekend getaway.

To the east lies Stem, North Carolina which offers visitors plenty to do with its multiple parks including Stem City Park and Stem River Park. The town also hosts several events throughout the year including its annual Fourth of July celebration and Christmas parade that attract people from all over Granville County.

Finally, Butner is bordered by Franklinton to the west which provides access to Lake Royale – one of North Carolina’s premier recreational lakes offering swimming areas along with fishing docks for anglers looking for a great catch. Franklinton also has an abundance of stores ranging from antique shops to art galleries that make it perfect for browsing or shopping trips.

Butner’s bordering cities and towns provide plenty of opportunities for those looking for outdoor recreation or cultural experiences within easy reach of this small town in Granville County.

Butner, North Carolina

Population of Butner, North Carolina

Butner, North Carolina is a small town located in Granville County with a population of 2,959 according to the 2010 census. The town is primarily composed of white residents with African Americans making up the majority of the minority population. The median age in Butner is 36.4 years, slightly below the national average.

The median household income in Butner is $39,719 per year, significantly lower than the national average of $63,179. Nearly 18% of households in Butner are living below the poverty line and there are slightly more women than men living in the town.

The majority of people living in Butner are employed by service-related industries such as health care and social assistance (17%), retail trade (15%), and manufacturing (14%). The largest employers within the city limits include Duke University Health System, Cree Inc., and Corning Incorporated.

Education levels vary widely among residents of Butner with nearly 21% having a high school diploma or GED and only 5% having a bachelor’s degree or higher. Furthermore, nearly 27% of adults over 25 have not completed high school which contributes to low income levels within the community.

Butner is a small but vibrant community that prides itself on its tight-knit atmosphere and sense of camaraderie amongst its residents. Despite its relatively small population size, it still has plenty to offer visitors including multiple parks and recreation centers as well as a variety of shops and restaurants that make it an ideal place to visit or live.

Schools and Education of Butner, North Carolina

Butner, North Carolina is served by the Granville County Schools district. There are three public schools located within the city limits, all of which are part of the district. These include Butner-Stem Elementary School, Butner Middle School, and South Granville High School.

Butner-Stem Elementary School is a K-5 school that serves approximately 600 students in the Butner community. The school offers a variety of programs including music and physical education classes as well as after-school clubs and activities for students to get involved with.

Butner Middle School is a 6-8 grade school that serves approximately 700 students from Butner and surrounding areas. The school focuses on preparing students for high school by providing them with an academically rigorous curriculum as well as extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs.

South Granville High School is a 9-12 grade school that serves around 1,200 students in the Granville County area. The school offers college preparatory courses as well as career and technical education classes to prepare students for life after high school graduation.

In addition to these public schools, there are also two private schools in Butner: St. Mary’s Catholic School and Bible Way Christian Academy. St Mary’s Catholic School is a preK-8th grade institution that provides a faith-based education to its students while Bible Way Christian Academy is a K-11th grade institution that offers an all encompassing educational experience from academics to spiritual growth opportunities for its student body.

Overall, Butner provides its residents with quality educational options ranging from public schools to private institutions depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Landmarks in Butner, North Carolina

According to ehangzhou, Butner, North Carolina is home to a variety of landmarks that make it an interesting and unique place to visit. One of the most notable is the Butner Federal Correctional Complex, which consists of four correctional facilities and one medical center. This complex is known for being one of the largest prisons in the United States and houses a variety of inmates from those serving short sentences to life prisoners.

Another notable landmark in Butner is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Butner, which features exhibits on natural science topics such as geology, paleontology, and zoology. The museum also offers educational programs for students and visitors alike as well as special events throughout the year.

The Butner-Creedmoor Sportsmen’s Club is another popular landmark in Butner. This club was established in 1947 and offers its members a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, target shooting, and archery. The club also hosts many competitions throughout the year including trap shooting competitions and turkey shoots.

The Historic Downtown Butner District is another great landmark in Butner that features several historic buildings including City Hall, St Mary’s Catholic Church, and several other local businesses that have been around since before World War II. The district also offers plenty of shopping opportunities as well as restaurants where visitors can get a taste of local cuisine.

Finally, another important landmark in Butner is the Granville County Courthouse located on Main Street. This historic structure dates back to 1887 and has served many functions over its lifetime including being used as a courthouse for civil proceedings and serving as a meeting place for community events such as concerts or festivals.

All in all, there are plenty of landmarks to explore while visiting or living in Butner. From historical structures like City Hall to outdoor recreation spots like the Sportsmen’s Club, there’s something for everyone when it comes to exploring this unique city.

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