Bloomingburg, New York Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Bloomingburg, New York Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to 800ZipCodes, Bloomingburg, New York is a small village located in Sullivan County. It is bordered by the towns of Mamakating, Wurtsboro, and Deerpark. The town is home to a variety of attractions and landmarks that are worth visiting while in the area.

The town of Mamakating borders Bloomingburg to the north. This town is home to several points of interest such as the historic St. Stanislaus Kostka Church and the Minisink Battlefield Park, which was the site of a Revolutionary War battle. The area also boasts many outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking at nearby Mountaindale Park or Lake Minnewaska State Park Preserve.

To the east lies Wurtsboro, another small village in Sullivan County. This town has a rich history as it was once an important stop on the Delaware & Hudson Canal that ran from Philadelphia to Albany. Today visitors can still explore remnants of this canal at Canal Side Park or take part in some outdoor activities like biking along its scenic trails or fishing at one of its two ponds.

Deerpark borders Bloomingburg to the south and is known for its large population of white-tailed deer and other wildlife that can be found in its many parks and preserves such as Neversink River Unique Area or Neversink Valley Area Museum & Historical Society Nature Center. Other attractions include historic sites like Fort Decker Museum & Historic Site which offers educational programs about local history as well as guided tours through its grounds; or Thunderhart Golf Course which offers golfers 18 holes for all skill levels with panoramic views of nearby mountains.

Lastly, Bloomingburg is also close to other cities such as Middletown which offers plenty of shopping opportunities at Galleria Mall; Newburgh where visitors can explore historical sites such as Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site; or Poughkeepsie where they can take part in exciting outdoor activities like kayaking on the Hudson River. With so many neighboring towns and cities offering unique experiences, there’s something for everyone near Bloomingburg.

Population of Bloomingburg, New York

Bloomingburg, New York is a small village located in Sullivan County. According to ehuacom, the population of Bloomingburg was 420 with a total area of 3.3 square miles. The village is surrounded by the towns of Mamakating to the north, Wurtsboro to the east, Deerpark to the south and Orange County to the west.

The population of Bloomingburg is mostly white, with approximately 87% being Caucasian according to the 2010 census. The other 13% of residents are made up of African Americans (4%), Asians (2%), and Hispanics or Latinos (7%). The median age in Bloomingburg is 39 years old and there are slightly more women than men living in this small village.

The median household income for Bloomingburg residents is $58,125 annually which is higher than both New York State and national averages. Additionally, almost 95% of people living in Bloomingburg have health insurance coverage compared to 88% for New York State overall.

In terms of education, there are several schools located in or near Bloomingburg including: Mamakating Elementary School; Pine Bush Elementary School; Minisink Valley Junior/Senior High School; and SUNY Orange College at Middletown Campus which offers associate’s degrees and certificate programs in various fields such as business administration, criminal justice, healthcare management, hospitality management and more.

Bloomingburg is a small but diverse community with a wide range of activities available for its residents like camping at nearby Mountaindale Park or fishing at Lake Minnewaska State Park Preserve; exploring historic sites like St Stanislaus Kostka Church or Fort Decker Museum & Historic Site; shopping at Galleria Mall; or kayaking on the Hudson River.

Bloomingburg, New York

Schools and education of Bloomingburg, New York

Bloomingburg, New York is home to several schools that serve the educational needs of the village and its surrounding areas. The Mamakating Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade, while Pine Bush Elementary School serves students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Both of these schools provide a quality education for their students with a focus on developing core skills and knowledge in the areas of literacy, math, science, social studies, and technology.

Minisink Valley Junior/Senior High School is located just a few miles from Bloomingburg and serves students in grades 6-12. This school offers many academic programs such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes and college credit courses to help prepare students for college or other post-secondary opportunities. The school also has extra-curricular activities such as sports teams, music and theater programs, clubs and organizations.

For those looking for higher education opportunities close to Bloomingburg, SUNY Orange College at Middletown Campus offers associate’s degrees and certificate programs in various fields such as business administration, criminal justice, healthcare management, hospitality management and more. Additionally, there are several other colleges located within an hour’s drive of Bloomingburg including SUNY New Paltz; Marist College; Mount Saint Mary College; Dutchess Community College; Orange County Community College; Ulster County Community College; Manhattanville College; St Francis University; Mount Saint Mary’s University; and many more.

In addition to the higher education opportunities available near Bloomingburg, there are also several adult education classes offered at local libraries or community centers which can provide adults with an opportunity to learn new skills or brush up on existing ones.

Bloomingburg provides its residents with access to quality educational opportunities from elementary school all the way through college.

Landmarks in Bloomingburg, New York

Bloomingburg, New York is a charming village located in the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains. With its small-town atmosphere and picturesque landscape, it’s no wonder that Bloomingburg has become a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. The town boasts several attractions and landmarks that make it an exciting place to visit.

One of the most famous landmarks in Bloomingburg is the historic Bloomingburg Dutch Reformed Church, which dates back to 1838. This beautiful stone church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is still used today for weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other special events. Nearby stands the Mamakating Library, which was built in 1883 and is one of the oldest libraries in Sullivan County.

The village also boasts several outdoor attractions such as The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, a 22-mile long multi-use recreational trail that runs through Bloomingburg along an old railroad corridor. It’s perfect for walking or biking and offers breathtaking views of nearby mountains and countryside as well as access to various points of interest such as historical sites, parks, and local businesses.

For those looking for something more adventurous there are several nearby state parks including Minnewaska State Park Preserve with its stunning cliffs, waterfalls, forests and lakes; Mohonk Preserve with its rugged mountain terrain; Black Rock Forest with its 3200-acres of forest land; Fahnestock State Park with its miles of trails for hiking or biking; Sterling Forest State Park with its lush forests; Schunnemunk State Park with its scenic Appalachian Trail; Harriman State Park with its 46 lakes & reservoirs; plus many more.

And lastly no trip to Bloomingburg would be complete without visiting The Old Country Store located right in town. This quaint shop has been around since 1845 and still offers all sorts of unique items including antiques & collectibles, furniture & home decor items, clothing & accessories plus much more.

There are plenty of fun things to do & see in Bloomingburg from historic landmarks to outdoor adventures making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking a unique experience that blends history & culture with nature & recreation.

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