Bahamas Education

Bahamas Education

There is a 9-year compulsory schooling in the Bahamas; which is divided into 6-year primary and 3-year secondary schools. The 4-year high school is divided into two. The vast majority of children aged 5-15 attend school.

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Land area 13,880 km²
Total population 337.721
Residents per km² 24.3
Capital Nassau
Official language English
Income per capita $ 32,400
Currency Bahamian dollars
ISO 3166 code BS
Internet TLD .bs
License plate BS
Telephone code + 1-242
Time zone UTC -5
Geographic coordinates 24 15 N, 76 00 W.

The language of instruction is English. Over 70% complete high school, graduating with the General Certificate of Education from the University of London. This exam qualifies for higher education.

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Bahamas Schooling

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The Bahamas has 4 higher education institutions.

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