A Handy Guide to The Grand Canyon, Arizona

A Handy Guide to The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Vertiginous precipices, majestic rock formations and a brilliant play of colors: the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world. This awesome example of natural force is located in the northwest of the American state of Arizona. From the towering rust-brown rocks you have an impressive view of this extreme landscape with deep gorges and the raging Colorado River.

North or south, which way do you choose?

According to Allpubliclibraries, the Grand Canyon consists of two parts: the popular South Rim and the less-visited North Rim. Which part of the nature park you visit often depends on the city you fly to. For example, if you arrive at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, you can rent a car in Phoenix to drive south of the Grand Canyon. This part is very popular because it looks so beautiful in photos: here you will find beautiful viewpoints over deep ravines and imposing rock formations in various pastel shades. The hiking trails and facilities here are good, and there is plenty of choice for accommodation. We have selected a number of nice options for you:

Experience the historic El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge

A charming hotel to stay overnight during your stay is the El Tovar Hotel on the rim of the Grand Canyon. In the rustic dining room you will see murals of four Native American tribes (the Hopi, Apache, Mojave and Navajo), while unforgettable views can be enjoyed from the lounge. Start the morning with a light breakfast, a cup of coffee and a spectacular sunrise that Arizona is so famous for. You have to book a table here well in advance.

Dining at The Arizona Room

The Grand Canyon Village is a village specially set up to accommodate the tourists in the Grand Canyon. Here you will also find the chic restaurant The Arizona Room. Beautiful photos of the unique environment hang on the cream-colored walls: from brightly colored sunsets to serene photos of the famous pine trees. For lunch you can enjoy a soup, salad or popular bison chili and in the evening you can order a nice piece of meat from the grill. After the meal it is wonderful to take a walk on the Be Rim Trail.

Grandiose views from Grandview Point

The most southern part of the South Rim is the 2,255 meter high Grandview. It rains more often here, so you also look out over a dense forest of pine and oak trees. Put on some sturdy hiking boots because here it is time to hit the Grandview Trail. Here you have the most beautiful views of the relaxing landscape. But don’t forget: the whole part that you walk down, you also have to go back up.

Admire the Grand Canyon from the air

One of the best ways to admire the Grand Canyon is from a helicopter. From the air you have magnificent views of the four hundred million year old rocks. It’s a unique way to see the Grand Canyon from a different angle; an experience you won’t soon stop talking about.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

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