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Liberia Education


The school system consists of a 6-year primary school and a 6-year secondary school, the latter divided into two cycles. Schooling is officially compulsory for ten years, between the ages of 6 and 16. In 2000, 75% of the current age groups were enrolled in primary school; reliable current data is missing. Monrovia is the only university in the country.

The civil wars (1989–96 and 1999–2003) were devastating for the school system, but the government has been investing heavily in education since the end of the war; In 2008, the sector received 12% of government spending. Already in 1981, a state campaign was started to eliminate illiteracy, but because of the civil wars, illiteracy is still widespread; The reading and writing skills of the population over 15 years were estimated in 2009 to be 59% (64% for men and 55% for women).

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