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Kyrgyzstan Education


There are state and private preschools in Kyrgyzstan. For children in nomadizing livestock care families, there are now special so-called herbal preschools, which accompany households up to the summer holidays. Kyrgyzstan has a nine-year compulsory schooling, where children start at age 7. The primary school comprises four years, and the secondary school is divided into 2 plus 4 years. Almost all children attend elementary school, where the language is now mainly Kyrgyz. However, many parents prefer when opportunities are given to send their children to Russian-speaking classes. There are also schools teaching minority languages Uzbek, Tajik and German, but Kyrgyz and Russian are compulsory subjects.

Study in Kyrgyzstan

The tuition is free of charge, but the quality changes due to budget cuts, which have reduced teachers' salaries and prevented the renovation of premises. Well-informed parents therefore choose to place their children in private schools. There are also religious schools. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Kyrgyzstan.

After independence, a number of universities and colleges have been added, many of which are run in collaboration with other countries and foreign foundations. In 2005, there were 49 higher education institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Many Kyrgyz students now receive their education in other countries, in addition to neighboring countries also in Turkey and the United States. At higher levels, Russian is still the dominant language of instruction. At several colleges, English is used today. Literacy is general; only 1.3% are considered illiterate, and the general level of education is considered high (2004).

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