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Hungary Education


Education has long been a high priority in Hungary. In 1868, approximately simultaneously with several countries in Western Europe, Parliament passed a law on compulsory schooling for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Student competence in Hungary at both primary and secondary level has always tended to be high, especially in mathematics and nature-oriented subjects. The communist regime meant strict state monopoly for the education system with strong centralization. This monopoly was abolished completely in 1990, when the state's role became to financially support the schools, while local authorities were allowed to widen their influence through decentralization of the administration. A new school law was adopted in 1993 with the aim of modernizing the school system by increasing the number of years of general education subjects, raising the quality of especially the secondary school and increasing the admission to higher education. The reforms to some extent meant a return to the time before the communist regime. Thus, the organizational differentiation at the secondary stage has been given more space. However, the tough economic situation has meant cuts and some deterioration in education. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Hungary.

Study in Hungary

The Hungarian school system consists of an 8-year school from 6 to 14 years, divided into a primary and a lower secondary school. Then followed three types of higher secondary school, an academically oriented gymnasium, a vocational school with elements of general subjects which also aim to provide skills and internships in broadly defined occupational areas, and a school for specialized professional workers. Higher education is provided at over 70's colleges and universities, where a significant proportion of students participate through evening and correspondence courses.

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