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Rediscover the old world

With a size of a good ten million square kilometers, Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. Despite the comparatively small size, Europe is known for its cultural diversity. This is mainly due to its dense population: there are almost 750 million people in Europe who speak more than a hundred different languages. The 47 countries that currently belong to Europe can look back on their very own cultural history. See full story and glossaries on

Europe is the only continent that is not completely surrounded by the ocean. In the east of Europe borders the Ural Mountains, to which Asia joins. Some countries, such as Russia or Turkey, are partly on the Asian continent and partly in Europe. The European landscape is varied and impresses with its wealth of forms. Studying in Europe does not mean studying in Europe, because every country has its own cultural and landscape characteristics.


Northern Europe

To the north of Europe, the Scandinavian peninsula is counted with the countries Norway and Sweden, but also the countries Finland, Denmark and Iceland. The landscape here is characterized by varied coastlines, picturesque fjord landscapes, extensive lakes and vast forests. The metropolises of Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen contrast with this often lonely and rugged nature.

Eastern and South Eastern Europe

Alternatively, studying in Europe is also possible in an Eastern European country. Eastern Europe generally includes countries as diverse as Belarus, Estonia or Hungary. Given the cultural and scenic diversity of the region, this summary definition is controversial. The following countries geographically fall under the term Eastern Europe: The European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan.

Eastern Europe is home to some of the continent's most interesting cities. Therefore, more and more international students are studying in Europe in cities like Prague, Riga, Kraków or Budapest. Like the individual countries, the flair is completely different. What they have in common, however, is the great wealth of historical buildings and the lively pub and cultural scene.

In the broader sense, the umbrella term Southeast Europe includes the countries of Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary.

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Malta are among the most popular holiday destinations and some of the most popular destinations for studying in Europe. They tempt you in summer with fantastic temperatures and sun-drenched beaches. In view of the rich cultural history, the famous regional kitchens and their southern lifestyle, these countries are also worth a trip away from the high season.

Central and Western Europe

Germany and its neighboring countries, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Austria are included in Central and Western Europe. Northern Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are best known for their flat landscapes and rough coastlines. The Black Forest in southern Germany or the high mountain ranges of the Alps in Switzerland and Austria are quite in contrast.

Central and Western Europe

To study in Europe on the "island"

A special position takes the UK , with the three nations England, Scotland and Wales one. In particular, the English, known for their black humor, sometimes jokingly differentiate between "the continent" and "the island" and stick to left-hand traffic and British pounds.

The British Isles also includes Ireland, whose northern part, Northern Ireland, belongs to the United Kingdom.

Countries in Europe
  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Austria
  4. Belarus
  5. Belgium
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Croatia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. Estonia
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. Greece
  16. Hungary
  17. Iceland
  18. Ireland
  19. Italy
  20. Latvia
  21. Liechtenstein
  22. Lithuania
  23. Luxembourg
  24. Malta
  25. Moldova
  26. Monaco
  27. Montenegro
  28. Netherlands
  29. Northern Macedonia
  30. Norway
  31. Poland
  32. Portugal
  33. Romania
  34. Russia
  35. San Marino
  36. Serbia
  37. Slovakia
  38. Slovenia
  39. Spain
  40. Sweden
  41. Switzerland
  42. Ukraine
  43. United Kingdom

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