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School and education in Cuba

Cuban education is considered to be of high quality, and Cuban students score very high on international knowledge tests in mathematics, science and languages.

Study in Cuba

After the revolution in Cuba in 1959, a dramatic quantitative expansion of the education system has taken place at all levels. Education is seen as an important means in the development of society. The combination of theory and practice, study and work, is fundamental to Cuban educational philosophy and is reflected in the content and method of education. All education from preschool to university is free and paid for by the state. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Cuba.

98% of children attend preschool for at least one year. The school is compulsory for 9 years. The primary school is divided into two steps (4 + 2), the secondary school is also divided into two (3 + 3) with academic or vocational field of study. Over 95% complete 12 years of education.

About. 25% of young people take higher education. Higher education is free and offered in universities, colleges, institutes and polytechnic institutions.

Adult illiteracy is estimated at just over 3% (2000).

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