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Argentina Education


The standard of education in Argentina is good according to Latin American conditions. To this has been contributed the tradition of "Teaching President" Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (President of Argentina 1868-74). When Perón took office in 1946, the quality of teaching declined, mainly because of political freedom. However, more citizens than before came to enjoy education by building new schools. Tax exemption was also introduced for many of them. Less than 3% of the population is illiterate, which is a lower proportion than most other Latin American countries. Check topschoolsintheusa for test centers of ACT, SAT, and GRE as well high schools in the country of Argentina.

Study in Argentina

The education is divided into preschool, compulsory school, high school, university, other higher education and alternative education. The preschool covers children from 3 to 6 years and is not compulsory. There are both state-free and private fee-paying schools. The compulsory school covers all children in the country from 6 to 13 years of age and is compulsory, free and confessional. The right to education derives from the 1853 Constitution; its fifth article stipulated that each province should be guaranteed free primary education.

The non-compulsory secondary school has a three-year lower stage followed by a two-year higher. Higher education is available at some eighty universities, state and private; the most sought after programs are medicine and technology. In addition, "other higher education", such as the training of nurses and primary school teachers. Since 1958, all levels of education exist within both the state and the private school system. All teaching is controlled by the State Department of Education. The University of Córdoba is the oldest, founded in 1613. Other well-known universities are those in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Santa Fe and San Miguel de Tucumán.

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