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School and education in Albania

In Albania the education follows a 5-4-3 system, where the primary school lasts for 5 years, the secondary school for 4 years and the secondary school for 3 years. On average, Albanians are expected to have 11.8 years of schooling. 3.2% of the population over the age of 15 are illiterate (UNDP 2015).

Study in Albania

Basic education

Study in School and education in AlbaniaPrimary and secondary schools are compulsory and free for children aged 6-14. The first nine years of school provide students with a basic education with language, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, shaping, physical education and practical work. Albanian is the language of instruction, while English, French and Russian are the most important foreign languages.

Major school reforms were introduced in the 1980s and 1990s. All teaching subjects have been tried to depoliticize and made ideologically neutral. In addition, new subjects such as human rights, democracy, European knowledge and environmental protection have been added.

According to the World Bank, 89% start in high school (2011). In primary school, there are 19.1 pupils per teacher, and 3.3% of GDP is spent on public education (UNDP 2015).

Higher education

Higher education is offered at a number of vocational schools and universities. An academic year lasts for 30 weeks and is divided into semesters. In the wake of the Bologna process, bachelor programs last for three years, while master's programs last for two. Since 2002, Albania has seen a tremendous increase in the number of students and private universities.

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