101 Minutes for Four Euros, The Bonus of Pepephone Voice Is Here

Pepephone had always rejected the idea of offering bonds of minutes in their rates. The argument was with the packages there is always someone who loses, or customer because you don’t use them in full but it pays for all them or the operator, because if their margins are used in full are reduced, if the price is competitive.

Even so, Pepephone had already proved a bonus of 1,001 minutes, Although attached to a particular data bonus and without being really competitive with bonds of unlimited calls from other operators. And now comes really his adventure, with a bonus of 101 minutes in Exchange for four euros per month which can be combined with different bonds data.

With the new bonus minutes fashion set voice bonds and bonds of data becomes Pepephone, after have been shown as a practice positive in Simyo or Másmovil. The 101 minutes for four euros they can be added to any of the rates that offer different amounts of gigabytes and calls to zero cents.

The bonus can be combined with gigas amounts ranging from 1 to 4.5

As a result of the combinations, they can be from 101 minutes and 1 GB for 9.9 euros to 101 minutes and 4.5 GB per 18,90 euro a month. For those who need a greater amount of gigabytes, the only option is rate limited, with 1,001 minutes and 10 GB for 27.90 euros per month.

So is the offer complete rates Pepephone