The continents are large expanses of land, bounded by the oceans and seas. They are responsible for 29.1% of the Earth’s surface; together, they have a land area of ​​149,440,850 square kilometers.

It is estimated that 400 million years ago, the planet’s lands were brought together on a single continent, called Pangeia. This great continent fragmented 60 million years ago due to the movement of tectonic plates, forming the six continents: Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania. America is subdivided: North America, Central America and South America.

These continents have different physical, economic and social characteristics. Asia is the most populous terrestrial continent with the greatest territorial extension. According to Countryaah, the two most inhabited countries on the planet are in Asia – China (1.3 billion people) and India (1.2 billion). On this continent are the largest oil reserves, mainly in the Middle East.

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Africa has the greatest cultural diversity in the world. However, this continent is marked by social problems: AIDS is largely responsible for deaths in the countries south of the Sahara desert (Sub-Saharan Africa); the shape affects a large part of the population; according to a survey released by the World Bank, in 2009, 50% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s inhabitants live on less than US $ 1.25 a day, that is, they are below the poverty line.

America also presents socioeconomic problems, especially the countries of South and Central America. Only the United States and Canada (located in North America) have high standards of development, however, they are not entirely free from social problems.

Europe, for having explored the natural wealth of countries on other continents and for starting the industrialization process, is the continent that has the best economic and social indicators. However, some European countries, especially those in the east of the continent, have socioeconomic problems.

Antarctica is the least populated continent, being inhabited by researchers from 27 countries. Its territorial extension varies a lot: in winter, the surface of the continent, of 13.2 million square kilometers, doubles in size as the surrounding water freezes. In this portion of the Earth 90% of the existing glaciers are located.

Continent data:

Territorial extension: 30,198,835 km².
Number of countries: 53.
Population: 1.1 billion inhabitants.
Demographic density: 34 inhab./km².
Urban Population: 40%.

List of countries in Africa:

Territorial extension: 42,054,927 km².
Number of countries: 35.
Population: 934.3 million inhabitants.
Demographic density: 22.2 inhab./km².
Urban Population: 79%.

List of countries in North and Central America:

List of countries in South America:

Territorial extension: 44,961,951 km².
Number of countries: 45.
Population: 4.1 billion inhabitants.
Demographic density: 92.5 inhab./km².
Urban Population: 42%.

List of countries in Asia:

Territorial extension: 10,365,456 km².
Number of countries: 49.
Population: 749.6 million inhabitants.
Demographic density: 72.3 inhab./km².
Urban Population: 73%.

List of countries in Europe:

Territorial extension: 8,526,462 km².
Number of countries: 14
Population: 37.1 million inhabitants
Demographic density: 4.3 inhab./km².
Urban Population: 70%.

List of countries in Oceania:

What is a Continent?

Continent is one of the major regions into which the world’s territories are divided. A continent includes a continent or part of it with both near and remote islands and is therefore not a physical or geological term. The subdivision has no political content either, but is a practical and everyday reality; it is used by the UN alongside other groups of world states.

The geography of ancient and medieval counted on three continents; now commonly counted seven: Europe, Asia and Africa (the Old World); North and South America (the New World); Oceania and Antarctica.

The separation of Europe and Asia lacks both physical and cultural justification, and the two continents are sometimes brought together in the concept of Eurasia. Furthermore, Asia is only separated from Africa and South America only from North America by dug trenches (Suez and Panama Canal).

A large number of islands in a shallow sea area link Australia to Asia, which in turn is simply separated from North America by the narrow and shallow Berings Strait. Only the uninhabited and climatically divergent Antarctic is somewhat more distant from the other continents.

Thus, most of the world’s land masses are related, much like the World Sea does. Geographers have since the great voyages of discovery sought to devise legalities for the location and shape of the continents; these efforts took a whole new turn after the emergence of the theory of plate tectonics.

The 50 countries with the most computers in the world

Rank Country Number of computer
1 United States of America (North America) 237,160,000
2 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 76,300,000
3 Japan (Asia) 58,140,000
4 Germany (Europe) 49,696,000
5 Korea, Republic of (Asia) 30,090,000
6 Great Britain (Europe) 30,040,000
7 France (Europe) 23,480,000
8 Russia (Europe) 18,460,000
9 Italy (Europe) 18,220,000
10 Canada (North America) 17,920,000
11 Brazil (South America) 17,890,000
12 India (Asia) 14,966,000
13 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 13,710,000
14 Mexico (North America) 13,030,000
15 Spain (Europe) 12,610,000
16 Taiwan (Asia) 12,590,000
17 Netherlands (Europe) 8,730,000
18 Iran (Asia) 6,490,000
19 Poland (Europe) 6,490,000
20 Sweden (Europe) 6,410,000
21 Switzerland (Europe) 5,700,000
22 Thailand (Asia) 5,440,000
23 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 5,260,000
24 Argentina (South America) 5,190,000
25 Malaysia (Asia) 4,810,000
26 South Africa (Africa) 4,360,000
27 Turkey (Asia) 4,280,000
28 Colombia (South America) 4,120,000
29 Austria (Europe) 4,120,000
30 Romania (Europe) 4,120,000
31 Philippines (Asia) 4,010,000
32 Indonesia (Asia) 3,566,000
33 Belgium (Europe) 3,490,000
34 Hong Kong (Asia) 3,446,000
35 Denmark (Europe) 3,361,000
36 Pakistan (Asia) 3,320,000
37 Czech Republic (Europe) 3,150,000
38 Chile (South America) 3,030,000
39 Singapore (Asia) 2,990,000
40 Finland (Europe) 2,790,000
41 Norway (Europe) 2,780,000
42 Venezuela (South America) 2,490,000
43 Egypt (Africa) 2,290,000
44 Slovakia (Europe) 2,270,000
45 New Zealand (Australia-Oceania) 2,250,000
46 Ireland (Europe) 2,230,000
47 Portugal (Europe) 2,160,000
48 Belarus (Europe) 1,980,000
49 Israel (Asia) 1,820,000
50 Croatia (Europe) 1,810,000


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