Your Old SIM Card Will Not Do in iPhone 5

If you either have plan to buy, or have purchased the new iPhone 5, remember that your old SIM card can not be used.

Have you bought the new iPhone 5, or plan to do so, then you should remember it does not support the old SIM-card formats. iPhone 5 have nano-SIM.

Since Apple in 2010 came with iPhone 4 took the microSIM – the map to it, which at the time meant telecommunications companies’ customers should reverse their ordinary SIM card into a microSIM.

Later, a number of other manufacturers are also starting to use microSIM in their units.

But with the iPhone 5, Apple has now chosen to use nano-SIM, which is a even smaller SIM card than microSIM.
Therefore, you must know the purchase of iPhone 5 also remember, that it no longer supports your old SIM card. So you will not get a nano-SIM with home, you don’t get much out of your iPhone 5.

Telecommunications companies may in stores while you wait, make a new SIM card for you.