You Used The Wrong Bra Your Whole Life And Didn’t Know

It is important to remember that wearing the wrong bra can affect your health and your image too.

According to the survey by TheRightBras, 80% of women are not using the correct shape bra. Many are using wrong size, others choose the template inappropriate for your body type. The proper fit of a garment is directly related to the lingerie that you use. In addition to a good fit of the clothing, the benefits of using the correct BRA are: enhance your breast shapes, minimize the balance while walking and improve your posture. You hit on the purchase of your BRA, consider these two measures: measure the breasts (Cup) and the measure of the thorax. 68 to 72 cms 40 80 to 88 cms 73 to 77 cms 42 The 88 to 92 cms 78 to 82 cms 44 b 92 to 96 cms 83 to 87 cms 46 C 96 to 100 cms 88 to 92 cms 48 D 100 to 104 cms 93 to 97 cms 50 DD 104 to 110 cms 98 to 102 cms 52 110 to 116 cms 1. A Bra with wrong measures will cause problems such as: fabric left within or even her breasts jumping of the bulge. 2. Also remember to adjust the handles. Cannot be too tight causing marks or very loose leaving her sagging breasts. 3. choose a bra model that enhances the shapes of your breasts. If they are scattered, they need greater lateral support. If they are small, bet on padded bras. But, if your breasts are too large, prefer bulges with cutouts, rings and larger side. Things every woman should know about Bras to unfollow myths on the subject. One big myth is that women who wear bra to sleep end up with firmer breasts. That’s a lie, because wearing a bra to sleep does not help let the firminhos breasts. Wearing a bra correctly helps the woman to keep the breasts in place, but nothing to find that her breasts didn’t fall for it. BRAS SHOULD BE WASHED BY HAND Put the BRA on the washing machine is not a good idea. That’s because it can spread and be without the necessary elasticity. The BRA works well when you’re in the way, so wash it by hand. The same goes for the other underwear, which they lose elasticity is also washed with warm water. WASH THE BRA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Women who have few pieces for use must wash after using two times in a row. The play gets dirty and body oils take all in her bra, and may impair your skin. So, wash the BRA as much as you can and keep the style and skin. If you can, buy at least a bra to wear every other day. Buy more black and white parts, which can be used easily with larger varieties of clothes.


Dr. John Kitchin, Ph.D., NZ9F

Dr. John Kitchin, Ph.D., NZ9F