Xperia Launcher, or How Have The Appearance of a Sony Smartphone on Any Android

At this point the launchers they do not need presentations and it is that they have become the application par excellence to customize our smartphones and Android tablets. There are many, without going any further, today we talked about the new Nova Launcher update.

Now we have to bring one slightly different from the rest because it’s a port of launcher created by a manufacturer. In this case we speak of Sony and the version carrying the Xperia family. A little unusual but highly recommended for anyone who wants to see How would look Sony software.

The only requirement to run this launcher is to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 or a higher version. Its use is not limited to any brand by which we can use it without any problems provided we comply with what you just mentioned.

To install so no need to do any flashing. Simply install the apk (not yet available on Google Play) and run. Simple. The only thing we will need is root if we want widgets in the applications section. If not, we will have to add them as we did in previous versions of Android.

The application is free and although the update that was published just today is still in development fully functional. Perhaps being tied to a brand take one back but it is worth to give a try.