Women’s Accessories and Costume Jewelry

In addition to clothing, shoes and handbags, there is also a factor that is decisive for the result of the looks, these are the women’s accessories such as bracelets, belts, earrings and necklaces.

Necklaces: it is advisable to have at least a basic long necklace, which can be silver, gold, metal, stone or bronze tone that are fashionable. You can also choose to have a number of trinkets of various sizes and colors to be prepared for any occasion.

It is also essential to have at least a short necklace of silver or gold, because they combine with everything, especially if you have rings and bracelets to match.

Earrings: According to PALMYRACHIC, going into a jewelry store are the short basic earrings “Diamonds” in quotation marks because they can be spoofed or Pearl and have the same effect of brightness and attraction to the face. With many options to choose from that suited to your style, a great option is triangular or angular, which can be found in a variety of materials and colors. Otherwise, you can choose one with large rings that never fail.

Rings: this is one of the most widely used accessories for women, and come in an endless variety of materials and colors. Depending on the style you want to achieve you can opt for bright rings, large stones, silver or gold. There are also those with the initials that give a special touch to the much needed add-on.

Buttons: they never go out of fashion and can be very useful to maintain the elegant coats. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, but it is essential to have some rhinestones or neutral color to suit all conditions.

Gloves: this is a group for any trend. Most recommended are the leather, but you can be original and use color matching your outfit.

Bracelets: are something more basic that give a different air. You should always have those for the day to day, and for a party can impose in gold or colored, but will depend on the occasion. In addition, wide wristbands are ideal for winter, when the accessories can pass more unnoticed. These are the latest trend bronze tone accompanied with the charms of all kinds.