Will It Change The Mobile Market with The Departure of Steve Jobs? The Question of The Week

Steve Jobs It revolutionized the mobile market and the intrinsic concept of smartphone back in 2007 when Apple introduced its first phone, the iPhone (under the reins of Jobs). He returned to do the same in 2010 with the PC market and the mobile Internet, when it introduced the iPad.

In the third quarter of this year alone, Apple sold 20,34 million iPhones and iPads 9.25 million. This revolution has been carried forward to the giants of the past, Nokia and Palm, and has opened the way to which they soon hopped on the bandwagon (read Google/Android).

Now the most charismatic man in the technology landscape leaves his seat to Tim Cook (new CEO of Apple), which presumably will present the next generation of iPhone and iPad. But how much have to see Steve Jobs up to now? Engadget wonder is Apple Steve Jobs?, in Applesfera say that everything changes and everything will remain the same.

Us we are going to ask you: will the change of CEO change the world of mobility? Will it benefit sales of competition? Is it the opportunity to Microsoft? Or probably follow all the same? We leave you with the question of the week:

Will it change the mobile market with the departure of Steve Jobs?

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