What Size is a Small Jacket

Indispensable in a wardrobe for a trendy look, a jacket is not chosen to turn a shelf or in the wardrobe of your best friend. To be perfect, it must stick to your style and your body. Christina Cordula, image consultant and presenter of the new look show for a New Life on M6, answers questions and gives you all the fashion tips to avoid bad taste and find the little jacket for you.

Recognizing a Nice Jacket

What makes a nice jacket?

Christina Cordula: a nice jacket is distinguished by three elements needing cut, its quality buttons and harmonious with the style of the jacket and, of course, its material. Ideal to avoid bad taste is to choose a timeless jacket, that is to say, straight or bent to its morphology. Wool for winter and cotton canvas for the summer. I love the right jacket for the men’s side, a little retro. A nice jacket must have a slot behind but beware, it should not be open when worn.

How to choose his coat according to its morphology?

Cristina Cordula:  it is certain that every morphology his jacket model, one that will put the woman in value.

For a woman small and thin, I recommend the short, fitted jacket from Mens Jackets Store but not the jacket. The jacket must stop on the hip bones, do not hide the buttocks. For a large, all models agree, this is the advantage. For someone who hasbroad shoulders, avoid shoulder pads that give a narrow look. The jacket is the jacket suitable for this type of morphology as the flared cut off the mask effect given by the shoulders. Ditto for someone who has the chest, the overcoat is the ideal model and then the short or long jacket right that we open door to avoid marking the chest. For one that has wide hips, I suggest the overcoat but especially the curved long jacket that comes under the buttocks and thus hides the hips. When one is round, wear the jacket open to avoid marking forms. Avoid too short jacket and choose a model under the buttocks to lengthen your silhouette. Finally, for a woman who has long arms, the trick is to wear a sweater or tunic with sleeves longer than we do exceed. It is possible to slightly up our sleeves and then go through the designer box to lengthen the sleeves.

Jackets for Women