What It’s Like to Be a Girl’s Mother

Being a girl and boy mother is wonderful but it’s two different experiences. Some women dream of having a princess since they were little, they dream of having a girl to wear laces, folds and make hairstyles.

What It's Like to Be a Girl's Mother

Being the mother of a couple I can say that it is different, in the form of acting, in the form of play, in the form of showing affection.

In love there is no different treatment for being a boy or a girl, but the female personality has manifested itself since childhood.

Things About Being A Girl’s Mother

Pink world

Even mothers who say they do not like pink and do not want to use that color on their daughters will find out that this easily becomes their favorite color.

I can not explain the reason but the girls have a real fascination for this color, whether in the clothes they wear, the accessories and the color they choose to paint their designs.

Empty wallet

Although there is enough variety of clothes for boys, they do not spend a lot of pants, shorts, shirts, shirts … but the world of girls is wonderful is the stocking, bow, dress, shorts, little monkey, the slipper, a real perdition.


Girls are more rushed than boys, usually walk early, talk earlier and unfurl earlier, it’s a feminine trait.

They also tend to be more curious, so prepare yourself for the question phase and why.


As a rule, the girls are gentler and quiet, they do not like screaming or fighting.

Which is not to say that some are not real goblins.

Girls love being the center of attention, of being heard and perceived.


Even if gender equality is promoted at home, the maternal instinct is born with all girls.

From one year on, it is normal to see the girls play with food, bath, lap on the dolls.

They act copying their example of female figure: the Mother.

Your son may be a maria lad, hating pink, Minnie and hair ties, but will always be your life companion.

To be a mother is to respect and accept the qualities and defects of our children.