What do Sports Bras Do for You

When it comes to choosing a bra for fun, you know mostly what you like. But when it comes to opt for a more functional and technical model, many questions assail you. What form? What size? What material? So many questions that it is legitimate to ask and we will answer! Sports lingerie user manual, on your marks, get set, go …

Choose the Right Model to Support the Breast

Be comfortable when doing sport is essential, and this requires suitable underwear. For men, the choice of the boxer is crucial for you ladies, this is the bra. And to guide you, a golden rule, maintenance.
The breasts are a fragile organ, maintained only by skin and Cooper’s ligaments, thin supporting ligaments. This is why it is important to care for and support them appropriately during physical activities. With the effort and seriousness, fabrics and relax your chest will eventually subside.

Depending on the intensity of your sport, you do not necessarily need the same model underwear. For low intensity activities, such as yoga or Pilates, a classical model fitting, chosen the right size and straps enough lifts, will do. However, if the intensity increases, it is necessary to opt for a special cut. For medium intensity sports like biking, skiing, rowing, etc., it is advisable to wear a bra. For activity with high intensity running type, combat sports etc. You can even choose a sports bra with underwire, seamless and reinforced with braces.

If you want to expand your knowledge of sports lingerie, we recommend you this site.

The Sports Bra

The sports bra is an important equipment like a good pair of sneakers. It is important to invest in a special model for sports activities, since wear a traditional bra made him lose around 50% of its holding capacity. It is therefore a pity to damage your lingerie. On the other hand below the designed specifically for stress are made of sheathing materials which restrict movement of the chest and decreases the voltage of the famous Cooper’s ligaments.

The bra has no frames and remotely resembling our first pieces of lingerie. In soft materials and let the skin breathe, they are very comfortable and fit perfectly breasts.

Her little more, it is declined in many colors, the most classic as the most punchy! For those addicted to fashion, you will find in fluorescent colors and even patterned! Discover all the features of the bra and our tips for choosing it.