Wedding in the Backyard: See Decorating Ideas

Getting married at home? Check out suggestions for everything to be beautiful and special.

Are you planning a wedding in their backyard? That that choice is increasingly common among couples of our country! Looking for more comfort, familiarity and fair prices, grooms and brides are discovering the delights of homemade ceremony!

When a decision is taken, it is necessary to have the awareness that nothing can go wrong with the decor. Colors, embellishments, harmony of the environment … All must be well planned so that no unforeseen happens.

Decorating ideas for wedding in the backyard

Are you looking for ideas for decorating your wedding in their backyard? Check out some suggestions from seafordecommerce that prepared for women like you:

Lighting for the wedding at home

Generally, by being held in a backyard, the party displays a simpler decorations and even rustic. Leveraging the entire context “outdoors”, you can use the creativity and create a very unique lighting.

Trees, fences, tables … All can be used so that the lights are arranged harmoniously with the rest of the environment.

In addition, pots and containers can be used as a “shelter” for the lamps. This brings up the idea of simplicity and sophistication at the same time. See:

DIY wedding decorations in the yard

Again with the intention of taking advantage of the open sky and the contact with nature, you can decorate the ceremony with objects scattered around the environment. How about using the height of trees or rooftops to hang some bottles with flowers, pictures and/or images? See how the result may be interesting:

Enjoy the trunk of trees, tables, chairs and everything I can to hang objects that bring more personality to the decor.

The tip is: be careful not to exaggerate the amount of wedding decorations in the yard of the House. You certainly don’t want a ceremony with visual information.


The balloons could be placed in the topic above, where we talk about the decorations for your wedding party in the backyard. However, balloons are fundamental articles in a wedding ceremony in their backyard, so we think they deserve special treatment in the text.

Hang balloons amid the environment passes the sensation of lightness and makes the space more enjoyable and dynamic. Just be careful when choosing your coloring … Always keep in mind that the different components of the event need to harmonize perfectly.

A tip: white and gold balloons fall very well to this type of occasion!

Decorated vases

The decorated vessels can also give a rustic touch to your wedding ceremony in the backyard! Enjoy the open air to explore a little more power and scent of flowers.

It is important that the colors of the vessels do not conflict with the decoration of the tables or furniture where they will be willing … Think about it and avoid problems.

Check out some suggestions of vessels decorated for your ceremony:

Click here to see other ideas that can enhance your wedding decor done indoors:

Like the super practical tips on How to decorate your wedding in the backyard? If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments and help other women to make their weddings even more beautiful and special!