Wear Leggings: Errors and Successes

Since emerged, the pants leggings never went out of fashion. No wonder; the piece is practical, comfortable and suits all body types, as long as you know how to use them. They go to gyms, informal tours, ballads and many other occasions. 

In more simple fabrics, make good combinations, with different types of clothing. Shiny models already should be used with some caution, since you make the piece quite striking. The same happens with the colored pants, depending on the pattern, can ruin a look. Here are some mistakes and successes from deadlyleggings.com when using leggings.

Errors Using Leggings

The legging pants has as main characteristic the fabric snug to the body. By staying attached to the legs and buttocks, it takes some care to use it. Who is not with the body in day you can live with it constraints. If it’s made of fabric that has, even minimally, brightness, so it can get even worse. Even people who have an impeccable body should have common sense. It marks very certain parts which should be hidden, by a simple matter of elegance. It is at this point that many women make mistakes when using leggings.

When it comes to leggings with thick fabric, especially in dark color, you can risk using it with a shorter shirt. However, this kind of look is indicated for women who have lower buttock. So, it may not be as flashy. But the shiny parts should be avoided by all women, if they are not worn with blouses covering the bottom.

Who has short stature should give preference to longer models. Joining a footwear pants of the same color, for example, can elongate the silhouette. Otherwise will result in another error in the use of leggings, because your legs will seem shorter. Finally, it is worth saying that the printed models can fatten up the woman. The bigger the hip and leg measures, preference should be given to more pants, dark-toned monochrome.

Arrangements To Use Leggings

Easy to understand, the ground rules for the arrangements to use leggings are slim. Blouses of different models, which at least cover the hip, are sufficient. Will be always elegant and discreet woman who choose to looks at the cover legging. The image above, shows examples of impeccable productions, in which the women used pants leggings. You can combine the piece with numerous others, in different occasions.