Wallbase, Find The Best Wallpapers for Your Android

Occasionally I like to change the background of the screen of my Galaxy SII. Although the images that brings Ice Cream Sandwich is very nice I like give a personalized touch and one of my header for search pages is Wallbase. However the process is a little pain because I usually keep them from the PC and not directly from the mobile using the browser.

I discovered the other day while searching for applications that Wallbase, the page in question, had an application from Tim Clark, author among others of Pocket Pro and PPPs for Urban Dictionary. Neither short nor lazy I put to download and I have to say, no mood to be wrong, what is the best app to find new funds for our Android.

The first thing that draws the attention of the application of Wallbase is its interface: clean, neat and consistent with the design of the site, which is also very well made. The navigation is simple: on the one hand we have a carousel with past funds of screen, access to random images, one for which they have already downloaded and finally a search engine.

Once you’ve found an image that we like to have two options: download it directly or from the application itself (linking with the application of the gallery) make a cut to configure our new Fund screen. The only thing missing is the possibility to configure also from there the lock screen.

The application is free, with advertising, but if we want to remove it have the option of paying for it, 1.50, on Google Play. Considering that Wallbase is today one of the best funds of pntalla the application databases is perfect if you love Search images, well to put background or simply for reference then use Gallery.

Wallbase HD Version 1.1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Tim Clark
  • Download it in: Google Play Store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization