Vueling Mobile, The First MVNO in Cease Its Activity

This time Yes. Wearing some days rumored by the network and finally been confirmed that within 1 month, Vueling Movil shall cease its activity of mobile virtual network operator.

Vueling was launched a year ago to try to compete in the field of OMV with free flights that so far only offered Pepephone but big differences between both services may not have achieved the expectations of Vueling and was forced to leave the service of OMV.

They take the worst news customers who must wear your phone number within a maximum period of one month or lose it Since Vueling will not continue service for those who are already customers and even other MVNO (or KPN provided infrastructure) will take charge while the users decide what to do.

But also bad news for those who put their enthusiasm in creating this OMV although it was something logical that in a saturated market had to drop one. We will see if this makes other operators like Sweno to think better if they will be finally released or if other MVNOs also decided to close.

The oddest thing of all is that it is impossible to contact with Vueling mobile and they have not released any official statement so we only obtain information of SMS sent to customers.

Update: It seems that more users to consume, if they will be automatically ported to Simyo.