Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Sure that the heat has come, now is the time in which much@s of vosotr@s you have decided for taking the step of buying a new motorcycle jacket this summer. But before you buy, you have to Choose jacket and do it well, because it of no use to buy something then you’re not going to use because it does not meet the desired tasks or is not what you expected… so, choose well!

Tips for choosing leather jacket

Then go to expose 5 tips or advice on which you can focus when choosing summer motorcycle fashion, i.e.: a fresh, safe and comfortable garment.

  1. Forget about skin and textile search / sanity. Mostly looking for a proof, not very heavy and cool fabric / breathable.
  2. Choose an color and design that you like / line you – your bike.
  3. Very important: the carving must be correct.
  4. Many jackets incorporate ventilation, if you wear it: best.
  5. Protections and adjustments. That jacket is cool, does not mean that it cannot be endowed with protections and clamping systems.

Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Jackets for summer

In addition to these tips, you can look at details more side that also can be considered as very important by many bikers and biker to sort between different jackets. For example, note that there is distinction of gender for jackets in many cases, i.e. on the one hand we have motorcycle jackets for men, and at the same time motorcycle jackets for women. There are also motorcycle jackets for both sexes.

Among the types of motorcycle jackets for summer, both for man and for woman, there are a variety of models, brands and “subtypes” that give each of these garments of small features, and that mark its difference from other jackets.


For example, if you take a look at this jacket Alpinestars T-Jaws Air, we have to be fitted with a lining that is removed and serves as a Huntress, so it is a jacket can be adapted to different seasons of the year. Also features padded areas, with zipper and velcro closures, special waterproof pocket…


But not look far, the same brand Alpinestar offers this model, in various versions, known as Xenon Air, which is especially designed for driving in city during the summer months. It is an adjustable light, fitted with padded areas, jacket, designed to accommodate several important protectors, with reflective inserts… it is best that you’re mism @ whoever sees this jacket for summer.


Following the route along some examples in motorcycle for summer jackets, you want to show another fresh and breathable jackets that we found: the Stella Tornado. All one enjoyed jacket designed and intended for women like to enjoy the outdoors and feel the wind touches your body. This motorcycle jacket, enhances your “curves” and gives a feminine to your silhouette. It’s a very ventilated garment, endowed with protections, quilted pads, waterproof Pocket (prepared with duct for headphones), waterproof Hood (if flies), reflective inserts, fully adjustable… this if it is a good woman jacket for summer .


Another favorite Womens motorcycle jackets , with which we are now, is the Dianese Chrono Tex Lady. This jacket is inspired by Dainese clothing and is one of the most complete, at the same time maintaining good quality / price. It is equipped with a removable thermal lining and at the same time from different parts of ventilation. Jacket, features reflective inserts, multiple pockets, is fully adjustable and allows you to adjust body temperature to achieve a real comforting driving.


Did you like our article? From now on, it will be easier to choose jacket for summer focus a little on the tips, advice and examples that you have shown.


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