Verdict: We Declare to The Aluminum of The IPhone Not Guilty of Weight Gain 6s

As soon as they left the details of the technical specifications of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus we realized tells that there was a (trivial) changes in dimensions and weight. This last drew attention to the not have happened in other evolutions (not at least up to this level), and pointed to the inclusion of the 3D Touch and the use of a more resistant aluminum (7000 series). Today comes to us who is the real person responsible for weight gain.

It turns out that this new alloy (with zinc) weighs, according to Apple, only 2 grams than the 6000 series (with silicon and magnesium) aluminum used in models 6 and 6 Plus. Therefore is not the only factor responsible for an increase of 14 grams in the case of the iPhone 6s and 20 in the case of the Model Plus.

Our accusing fingers point now as almost exclusively to the 3D Touch and its composition. In fact, the new screen is approximately twice the than the previous models (iPhone 6s happened despite 29 grams When the iPhone 6’s weighed 12 grams). This is due to the fact that the 3D Touch screen has a new layer and the new capacitive sensor for pressure increases the thickness of the screen and, as we say, its weight.

Question of details

As we have already said, possibly many users do not perceive this increase weight (especially those not departing from previous iPhone model) either do not disturb them. But to those who are somewhat more retailers draws our attention given increasing which is significantly higher than in previous developments of “no s” to “s” (3 grams of the iPhone 4 to the 4s, unchanged from the 5th to the 5s).

Therefore, is confirmed in part what already had been rumored before knowing the new terminals, thing that has happened to almost all of the specifications being one of Apple presentations with more “spoilers” of history. A 11% of weight gain that, despite the fact that many wanted it, I already check that I was not due to an increase in the (quite the opposite, in fact) battery.