Users of a Note 7 Is Reluctant to Return Your Terminal

Note 7-Galaxy is the more explosive smartphone of the year, literally (and I who thought that ‘hot’ jokes are crunching the Snapdragon 810), all a ‘boom’ (OK, OK, now stop with the easy jokes) which allegedly, It has already made sequels to various people the length and breadth of the world.

The blunder of Samsung SDI at the time of manufacture the batteries has cost them a whopping of 1,000 million dollars, and to rectify this error have initiated a Note 7 return program to replace them by other 7 Note with a battery in conditions or by something more old terminal, as the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

The curious thing is that people is resisting to return its terminal and continue using it Despite the risk that can be (and we are not talking about a sudden death, but the explosion leave the user with physical consequences). According to Apteligent, the terminal sales fell for a week after the notice of return, returning later to increase.

You don’t have to remember the case of the man, which burned their Jeep for allegedly, charge your Note 7 in the vehicle, or the case of a man to which Note 7 exploded at a hotel while he slept, making the room burn (allegedly also). THE case of 6-year-old fuel Finally, a Galaxy Core What exploded you and no one Note 7.

The return of the terminal in Europe

While in many countries Samsung already has launched the programme of return Note 7, in Europe (Spain included) the programme does not start until September 19, and can go in person to the establishment where you purchased it (don’t forget the ticket) or through its toll-free telephone or email if you purchased it through your website.

You’ll find all the information in the official page of Samsung, including phone number and email address. If you already have a terminal or it had pre booked, you can change your mind and purchase an S7 Galaxy or S7 Edge with the return of the difference. It is highly recommended to make use of these options.

If you have it in reserve, terminal shipping will be delayed until September 19, date from which will begin to send units with battery conditions. Samsung recommends that if you have the terminal, you turn it off and use the old until they can send another Note already revised 7.