USB Port Hub for iPad

The press department of the armature provides us precisely with regard to two new products and a temporary reduction in the price USB hub.

7-port USB hub

The normally 35.99 euro expensive Unibody 3.0 7-port USB hub is available with the Coupon Code ANKER7PH for a limited time at a price of 28.99 euros. The device plugged with matching MacBook and iMac design in an aluminum casing. Supplied with a 40 cm length USB cable and an optional suitable power supply is included. Depending on the devices connected to the hub can however also be operated without this additional power.

Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

The available for 35,99 EUR Bluetooth Folio Case is likely to be one of the best Keyboard Case for the iPad Air. 2 The battery lasts according to the manufacturer up to 6 months and the shell also serves as a stand for the iPad.

Battery Case for iPhone6

Also new to the anchor line is a battery case for the iPhone6. The only 7.4 mm thick and about 100 grams heavy casing has an integrated battery with 3100 mAh. In addition to 150 percent of additional useful life of the manufacturer also promises protection from drops up to 1.5 meters in height. The 39.99-euro envelope is certified by Apple and charges the iPhone via the Lightning port. If necessary, addition to the battery of the iPhone as well as the envelope can be loaded directly via an included micro-USB cable without removing the case from the iPhone.