[Updated] Some Nexus 5 X Will Not Boot after Installing Nougat, Google Confirms a Hardware Failure

Update: If you have a Nexus 5 X affected by this problem, most likely is that LG can not repair it since they do not have the necessary parts. However, they are offering refunds for the full amount.

The final version of 7.0 Android Nougat came on Aug. 22, and although the most impatient had already installed the images of factory, the new version did not arrive the Nexus officially until shortly after. However, some owners of a Nexus 5 X that were installed the update OTA have been experiencing problems, and now we know that the solution will not be easy.

The error consists in what is known as a ‘bootloop’, or what is the same, the Nexus 5 X gets stuck in a loop of reboots and fails to boot, so it is impossible to use it. After registering enough complaints on Google forums, the company has finally responded and they have confirmed that It’s a hardware failure, so it will be necessary to go to the point of purchase for repair or can even a substitution.

Shortly after the arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat at the Nexus 5 X, some of the users who installed the update via OTA began to complain that their teams had been stuck in a loop of reboots and there was no way to solve it. Empty the cache memory partition did not work for many affected, as he also did to restore factory settings.

The first message came on August 27, but it was not until September 16, when Orrin, a Google employee, finally made contact with those affected. Google ensures that the ‘bootloop’ affects only a small number of users and that they are still investigating the causes, but at the moment they can confirm that you it’s a failure at the hardware level.

This means that the problem You can not be solved with another software update, but that users should be directed to the point where he bought the device for it to be the warranty. This includes the online store Google, Project Fi and, in the case of purchasing by another method, to the website of LG to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty.

We remind you that Google offers one year warranty and, taking into account that the Nexus 5 X was released in September of 2015, currently all owners of a Nexus 5 X are covered.

Although it is not a problem of the magnitude of the defective batteries of Note 7, it seems that the back to school is bringing more than one headache to brands. Then let the message addressed to the community by Googler Orrin:

Hello everyone,

We understand that a small number of users are experiencing a bootlopp in the Nexus 5 X. We are investigating the situation, but we can confirm that it is strictly a hardware-related problem. For those that you are experiencing this bug, please contact the place where you bought the device for warranty or repair options.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.