Top 10 Pendants

If wearing a necklace can sublimate attire, it is particularly important to pick the right pendant, because a lack of taste can quickly turn into a fiasco!

To help you do not commit odd, here is a list of pendants to banish from your jewelry box.

Top n ° 1: the Zodiac pendant

Very in vogue in the 1970s-1980s, the ornate pendant of a zodiacal sign is today totally outdated, except perhaps for an evening revival! Except for read you your horoscope, it’s not of interest to anyone whether you are Libra, Gemini or Sagittarian!

Top n ° 2: the pendant letter

Here again, the pendant with initials is more to the taste of the day. The namenecklace is even less! Nobody needs to know by which letters are your first and last name. The mystery place!

Top n ° 3: the animal pendant

You don’t need to display your immoderate love for dolphins or the lions until around your neck! Jewelry pendants representing animals are no longer in vogue for a long time, and that’s good!

Top n ° 4: the childish pendant

Of course, must keep his inner child, but not to bring the representation of your favorite around your neck Disney characters! No, Tinkerbell in jewel neck, it’s not cute cuddly!

Top n ° 5: broken heart pendant

But if, you know, this heart that we divide in two and given to his love! Result, we are left with half a heart, which is particularly unsightly. Well, the serious whole heart “I love you” is not much better, but it at least has the merit to be in one piece.

Top n ° 6: the yin-yang pendant

If you’re not an avid Chinese philosophy, you have no good reason to wear a pendantof yin-yang on your necklace. This symbol of duality, of course, had its hour of glory a few years ago, but it is now completely obsolete.

Top n ° 7: the skull pendant

Emblem taken bikers and rockers, death’s head can quickly do bad taste if you wear it around your neck to go to the office! Without calling into question your side grungy, it might be better to leave your pendant wisely at home…

Top n ° 8: the Angel pendant

Height of kitsch, this pendant representing a small Cherub looks so mother that you dumb almost to love is to be banned forever!

Top n ° 9: the disc pendant

But if, mind you, this little pendant gold or silver round without any interest otherwise that to exist! Sometimes with a small engraving or a small itty bitty stone, this accessory is today cheesy.

Top n ° 10: the valuable multi-pierres pendant

To avoid the effect with garlands of colourful Christmas tree, avoid if possible the pendants which combine several types of precious stones or fancy. Emerald, Sapphire, diamond, Ruby, it’s a little too much, no?