Top 10 Beauty Apps

The secrets to a perfect nail polish or for al’ultima makeup trend, by quickly consult at any time of the day. Here are the best beauty app choices for you.

The beauty addicts have a new front which focus attention, because if the chatter between girlfriends are fantastic, it is even more to increase their knowledge and skills through a ”digital friend” Finding inspiration for a new look, buy products favorite, try a new color of nail polish and eye shadow, watch a tutorial or just check the ingredients of a cream is possible thanks to beauty app. Here are the top 10 choices for you.

  1. Makeup Genius. The app of the cosmetics giant L’Oreal has a camera that allows you to test virtually any product. The camera works like a mirror that shows the result when you “tricks”. With this application you can display on your face even the red carpet look to the stars.
  2. Sephora to Go. The ‘app of the giant of beauty is perfect for those looking for inspiration for a new look, several tutorials to achieve them, the feedback on the products and of course the chance to do shopping online. True fans can also download Beauty Insider to receive coupons on their smartphone.
  3. Cosmetics. Born from the collaboration between the National Consumers Union and Cosmetics Italy is the app offers consumers a guide to the world and the use of cosmetics. The maturity of the products, the symbols on the label and sunscreens will no longer be a secret.

Beauty App Choices

  1. Beautylish. The app that is not scarce in useful functions: from beauty tutorials to consumer reviews, to inspire you to try a new look, buy products or simply catch up on the latest trends.
  2. Pretty in my Pocket. It works like the Instagram app that boasts endless photos of fashion bloggers and makeup artist tagged on purpose to be inspired. It is often also referred to the product used and users can read the consumer feedback and take a look all’inci product.
  3. Lierac. The brand has launched its own app: you can do a skin self-assessment test to find out which products are perfect for your needs and stay current on news.
  1. Beaches Gold. Cosmetics Australian Gold house has created an app to choose sunscreen adapted to your skin type. A section indicates the weather conditions and the coolest beaches to spend the holidays.
  2. Deborah Nails. The app that helps you choose the right shade of nail polish  for your manicure in order to match it perfectly with clothes and accessories. A section is dedicated to nail art.
  1. Plastic Surgery Simulator. It allows you to edit your photos to simulate tweaks and plastic surgery or simply to have fun warping photos of your friends.
  2. GoodGuide. The app to guide you in the search for safe products and eco-friendly. By scanning the barcode of the product, you will see the ingredient list and show you the ranking. You can customize the criteria as needed: fragrance-free, not tested on animals, free of silicones.