To Palm Suitors from China Emerge from It New

The sale of Palm promises to become one of the biggest financial fact in the history of telecommunications in view of the number of candidates that have emerged with intention of carrying the Orchard one of the largest reefs worse exploited commercial and technologically speaking. Next to the increasingly intense rumors of negotiations with HTC and Lenovo, is now the Chinese consortium formed by ZTE Corp. and Huawei, which jumps to the fore as potential candidates to take the jackpot.

To make matters worse for the Sunnyvale, given to know that it was precisely the Board of Directors of the own Palm that the known manufacturers contacted of electronic equipment in a series of preliminary meetings that took place in the middle of the month of February, trying to find a solution to the situation currently facing.

The fact that both Chinese companies have become potential buyers sense enough if we take into account that, despite their attempts to enter the market of mobile telephony, Huawei It lacks the necessary popularity and its own operating system to keep up to the height of other brands of first order.

On the other hand, the Consortium has in his favor the low production costs and required capital injection to revive the brand, being able to invest enough money to catch on in the development of new terminals. In this case, Palm would be the appropriate bridge to save the difficult obstacle they have to overcome the brands and Chinese products in the West whose quality is still more than challenged by consumers.