Tips to Conserve Bra

A personal organizer Priscilla Savoy shows How to fold and store Bras in a way that prevent the bulge and last much longer. In addition to careful when washing underwear more delicate, as Lacy bras and with filling, it is important to know that if they are not stored optimally, with due care to their structures, they can show irregular faster than you think.

See how easy it is to fold the bra in Braclassified.

Tips to conserve bra How common is the habit of folding the BRA in half, placing a bunt into the other, turning one side backwards. The measure tends to save precious space in drawers, but may end up deforming parts, leaving filling all wrinkled and lumpy. When you have a wider structure between the bulges, in that you cannot twist the BRA to put a pad on the other, the ideal is to keep the piece completely open in the drawer. THINKSTOCK When the tissue between the bulges is thin, you can overlap the sides without turning upside down If you have Bras on the fabric and the stitching between a bunt and another is thinner and less structured, you must override one side over the other in order to find the two straps in the same direction or side. That is, without half the stay piece inside out. So, as the parts stored completely open, put the handles all behind the bulge and row a bra after another, fitting inside one another in the drawer.