Tips for Your Wardrobe

You are looking for vintage clothing to add to your wardrobe this spring?

There is no final definition with respect to vintage clothing . At the beginning of the previous century, the vintage has appointed former clothing designers and prestigious brands. The contemporary sense of the word vintage is something that is old, but still relevant because of different factors.

Sometimes because it is very well produced and has withstood time and is still functioning. According to VintageinConfidential the vintage fashion has emerged in the 1990s in New York, London and Paris.

Compared to the vintage style, definitions vary too. Some vintage style in fashion is clothing that are at least 50 years, but other vintage clothing is that each garment is at least the past 20 years and most of the 1920s.

We present you our advice photos!

At first our gallery consists of ideas for women and the middle one also has some ideas of vintage clothing for men.
According to the stylist  Rosana Vollmerhausen, we can include each garment vintage in modern wardrobe. It has several tips for people who want to “enter” in style.
The vintage jewelry are often of more value than contemporary jewelry and they are often cheaper too. In addition, they can be easily harmonized with a modern wardrobe.
Pay attention to quality – you have to look a vintage clothing is really a high quality, stylish and special.Nevertheless, watch and inspect clothing carefully before buying.
It’s good to have a vintage clothing and combine it with modern pieces. You do not have someone outside who just got out of a machine to explore time – not if you’re Lana Del Rey, of course.