Tips for Wearing High Waist Skirt

In the comments of the post below, many girls asked for more tips on how to wear high waist skirts! The big question is which model fits the best for each body type. Find your:

For the more chubby and / or with wide hips: you can wear high waist skirt too!Bet on the evasé model (open in “A”), which does not mark and still creates the illusion of a thinner waist. Dark colored pieces without prints are the best option.

For those with a thick thigh: bet also on the evasé model, but prefer the longer ones (up to about 1 palm above the knee).

For little girls with little hips and / or thin legs: the balloon model is ideal! Skirts with tiered ruffles and tulip-type skirts can work on your body. Abuse of printed and colored fabrics, which help create the illusion of volume in the region.

For the little ones: shorter high waist skirts are the best option from advice on! That way you can stretch your legs, and you can even potentiate that effect with a good jump. If you’re not a fan of the mini lengths, play with a pantyhose of the same tone as the skirt.

And the model justinho? It can be very dangerous for those who are a little overweight or have broad hips and thick thighs – as the body shapes quite evidently can become vulgar. Balance the silhouette using a tighter blouse.

Those who have little hip and thin legs can bet without fear on this model – but always balancing the length and the neckline (if the skirt is short, for example, bet on a blouse that is not too low-cut). Pay attention to the length: passing from the knee, they can leave you with a serious look too!

To mark the waistline: The high waist skirt itself already helps to mark the waist, but if you want to value it even more, wrap in a thin belt – for a more classic and romantic style-or thick for a look More rocker.

Update! In the comments, a lot of girls ask, “I’m short and I have thick thigh, and now?” Among other biotype combinations. The way is to try to balance the tips for each body type (in this case, for example, look for a model skirt evasé but a little shorter, does not have to be mini). And there’s no way: you have to try it! It’s the best way to know which one looks perfect on you!