Tips for Chubby Bride Choose Dress

The time has come for the choice of wedding dress (which, incidentally, should be made well in advance), but that it has not been possible to lose those extra pounds, so unwanted. Most importantly, at this time, is not to despair.

The fashion is changing and, today, the manufacture of models plus size public is much more varied. It’s not because the bride is chubby, that she won’t be a beautiful bride and dazzling. Fashion tricks are there to just that: allow all kinds of female body are valued, in different models. According to, here are some Tips for the chubby bride choose dress.

How to choose wedding dress

First, don’t get excited too much with a model that doesn’t really fit. In some cases, the choice is made well in advance. One can even think that, within a few months, it will be possible to do a strict diet and get finally get into that dress that chubby chose. However, it is important to think that that might not happen and the result will be disastrous. The best thing to do is to choose a perfect wedding dress for chubby, that is, one that has details that will disguise the measures and enhance your body. This is the time to take this opportunity to ask for aid to seller and look for some that in addition to gather the necessary features, also offers the possibility to make adjustments, if you lose a few pounds, until the date of test.

Models indicated for fatties

As for the upper body, the best bridal gowns for fatties are those that have a “V”-shaped necklines, especially if the bride has large breasts. They help to elongate the silhouette, giving the impression that the body is thinner. Are also good choices for women. The big bust can be disguised with thicker handles. In this region, it is good to avoid shiny fabric or embroidery applications, as this will increase it. Few stones or rentals are best options.

The skirt part must also be chosen with care. The bridal gowns with flared skirt and chunky are not good options for fatties. They make the woman seem even bigger. Choose models that have indicated this part skewed, with little volume and slightly round. Thus, the waist will be selected, without the hips to increase. Is also indicated to opt for more matte fabrics. To terminate the hints, choose models that have Lacy cuffs or bolerinhos, if you prefer to hide their arms. They are delicate, sophisticated and help to disguise the measures.