Tips For Choosing The Ideal Chair For The Dinner Table

For each type of environment normally choose a style of furniture and, because of this, the market offers a plethora of options for chairs.

In the opinion of the designer Paulo Henrique Cerello, Armando Cerello store, first of all, while sitting comfort is paramount. “For a meal, work or any activity we do sitting at the table must be comfortable and maintain the proper posture to prevent any kind of malaise”, recommends.

According to experts from, when we choose the Chairs also should decide whether we want the pieces with or without arms. In General, the chairs with arms in comfort a little more, because they offer support for our elbows.

Another factor that needs to be analyzed is the physical space available to accommodate the tables and chairs. In places small we should choose chairs without arms. If the environment has larger area, we may choose to merge parts with and without arms or put all the same.

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Styles–The most common styles of chairs for the dining room table are rustic, colonial, retro, classic and minimalist. “At the time of matching chairs with the dining table can be conservative and choose all parts of the same style. We also have the option to combine completely different styles, which is usually the best option today, leaving the less visually drab environments and creating an eclectic harmony that binds the diverse environments of the House”, recommends the designer. With that, we’re not locked into a style only and can vary the furniture of the rooms more easily. The designer warns that we must pay attention also to the height of the arms of the chairs regarding the height of the table. “Normally we should choose tables with heights entailing accommodate the arms of chairs under, because when we sit down at the table approach the chairs to better position us”, explains. It is also interesting to take care not to choose tables with edges of very wide tops as they may hinder the entry of the arms of the chairs under the will of tables, often damaging the pieces.