Tips For Choosing A Pair Of Jeans In Pregnancy

Normally the jeans are the first pieces that a pregnant “loses” early in your pregnancy, even why esa used to use it well. And it even starts to miss and Miss use a jeans, until you realize that there is specialized models of maternity jeans.

Maybe that’s why together with the black pants of tailoring are the first two pieces of the trousseau of pregnant clients come in looking for in our store.

In this sense the Magazine growing up called the personal stylist paulista Luisa Matsumoto, to give some useful tips for choosing best jeans in pregnancy.

1) Choose a mixed model with stretch or knit to be more comfortable.

2) see if the waist has side adjustments ranging shaping to the body as the belly grow.

3) Another option is the jeans with “barrigueira”: the pants have a waist and a high mesh stitched to waistband gives support to the belly.

4) Buy a piece of straight model. Remember: you will use other parts, such as dresses and skirts.

5) jeans dark blue is more elegant and draws attention to your stomach.

In addition to these, we have a few more ours, until by almost 10 years experience in which we serve daily pregnant women of the most varied styles.

Beyond the style, in which the tissue and washing is essential, there are other important aspectsthat need to be careful when choosing:

6) current style

Every collection and jeans trends also change with new shades and mainly washes and pockets.Important that these pants follow this trend.

7) Modeling

Because she’s the one who’s going to give the trim on the play and make vista right in your body, providing comfort, not small and tightening, in particular in the belly when sitting, as well as security, not to stay big and falling, especially when you get up and walk, and have to keep pulling his pants all the time up.

The location of the button and the zipper used are fundamental too, because usually these are that most bother the belly of pregnant.

The modeling has to allow use the same numbering that you used, and the same pants can be used from the beginning of pregnancy around the third month, until the end to 9 months before delivery. In fact will still use it for a few more months in the postpartum period in recovering your old form and can go back to using their old jeans.


This quality since the jeans fabric used, you need to have spandex, so go adapting better your body changes. Exist in the market today special fabrics used on the Preimium line, which are quite different from a cheaper of a most popular line.

In the same way that the trims, threads, buttons, rubber bands, etc. used in the pants need to be quality, also up to withstand the heavy use period, in which uses, go to washing and ironing, and even back to the closet that will use again, at least twice a week (more than any other jeans that has for years in the closet).

Finally this this quality in workmanship used in sewing made, for which also does not have problem opening and leaving her pants on hand.

9) variety of Different Templates Options

There are several types of models on the market, and something that we offer good is this variety of options to choose from. We have pelo least 5 different models of jeans for pregnant women:

the Jeans with high Mesh) Belly

The most comfortable, especially when the belly grows. Are the top sellers.

  1. b) Jeans with mesh medium/low on Belly

Similar to high mesh, however with the mesh a bit lower and with more support.

  1. c) Jeans with mesh and back adjustments and internal adjustments

These are not as common, geared for those who do not want to leave the mesh appearing in front.

  1. d) Jeans with mesh only on the front pockets and internal adjustments

It is a low waistband jeans and knit in the front and bolss a number of internal adjustments with elastic loops and buttons. Targeted to pregnant women who don’t like a lot of the models above with mesh in the belly, giving a more modern air without giving up the comfort.

and meshless only with Jeans) internal adjustments

Normally it is not ideal in terms of comfort (barrigueira gives mesh), but is made for pregnant women who do not want to wear jeans with mesh, and this has a number of internal adjustments with elastic loops and buttons.

You can see all these maternity jeans models in detail and many more at maternityguides.