This Is All What We Know Pixel XL So Far

So far, the largest Bell of Google has been the change of name of your devices, from call Pixel Nexus. Just as happened last year, we will have two variants, one of which will have a more or less content screen size and the other being a terminal for the phablets lovers.

This year Google has decided to change from supplier, preferring to rely on HTC to manufacture both terminals that, besides what their names are already known: Google Pixel (Saifish) and Pixel XL (Marlin). This time we are going to focus on the information we have so far of the larger of the two, Google Pixel XL.

A design without the personality of HTC

As mentioned before, This Pixel XL will be manufactured by HTC, but this most likely not notice or in the language of the design or with the appearance of your logo (because it could directly do not appear). Seems that the change of name to the family is not only to identify it in a different way, but because there will be many changes in its line of smartphones.

Pixel XL will be the size of a phablet, and this is especially noticeable with their 5.5 inch screen, with what already is aimed at a specific audience type. The exact measurements of this phablet or its weight is not known, but it seems that, seeing an image filtered by @usbfl (see above), despite their low quality, at least the top and bottom frames are not exactly the youngest of the world.

What does seem to be taken for granted is that his back will be made both metal, but in two tones and different textures, giving an appearance, at least, curious at the back of this device. Also, as you can see, will bring in this location the fingerprint sensor, you might have some additional function to the typical to use your fingerprint to unlock or to make purchases.

Could this be another Tango phone?

According to the rumors, both Pixel XL who stars in this article and his little brother could bring a camera from 12 MP in the rear and one of 8 MP in the front. Could be sensors similar to the of the Nexus 6 p and 5 X, which already give good results for itself, but with improvements.

But what was not seen, because there were no pictures of good quality, is that on the back, at least in the Pixel XL, it was at least a couple of more sensors. This image, you can see a little further up, is taken from the shop Amazon, where a manufacturer of bags would have released the first covers for this Pixel XL.

Wouldn’t be so strange if the image did not show three sensors that, until now, has only been delayed Lenovo Phab 2, which It would be the first mobile born of the Tango project. In particular, the location of sensors is similar to Lenovo Phab 2 which had in its first prototypes.

This, also seen in the video you’ll see right under this paragraph, but in a way so subtle that if you don’t look very much it will go unnoticed. It is possible that Google has shown us his next mobile born of Project Tango and we have not heard until today.

Powerful enough to compete with the high-end

They come as the smartphones of the Nexus family, Google terminals are located within the high range, but rarely have the highest specifications possible. However, if we add hardware than competent and experience Nexus (which assume that it will be called experience Pixel), doubt that will be one of the terminals is not us more Android fluids.

So far, rumors say that Pixel XL would bring a Snapdragon 820 or a 821 along with 4 GB of RAM. To store files, the terminal would have a 128 GB memory, Although it is possible a version with less. That Yes, unless Google changes its mind, we are left without microSD card slot.

The screen, on the other hand, would be of 5.5 inch and have resolution QHD for those who do not conform with the FullHD, and technology that would use it would be AMOLED. In terms of autonomy, if confirmed, would not especially loose with their 3.450 mAh and its more than safe quick charging of Qualcomm.

Google Pixel XL, manufactured by HTC, would be a mobile phone with high-end specifications and, Furthermore, could be compatible with Tango to enhance the experience with augmented reality.

Finally, as we have said, it will feature a rear 12 MP camera which, if it is confirmed that it is compatible with Tango, come with unique features, and a front camera of 5 MP. There are many data of their cameras, but we hope to improve further on the latest Nexus.

Of course, this terminal will be shown with Android 7.0 (or even 7.1) Nougat and with his “precious” navigation bar with a very different aesthetics have that the current Nexus. The price that would have in United States is rumored that it would be a $650, What away from relatively affordable handsets. Do you think that all the rumors of this Pixel XL come true?