This Is All We Know of The Two Variants of The LeEco Le 3 Pro So Far

LeEco is a company that has gained some fame thanks to the device introduced in January of this year, being the first with a 820 Snapdragon inside. That giant known as Le Max Pro, with its 6.33 inch screen, It was all a beast with the new chip from Qualcomm, which also incorporated Sense ID from the U.S. company for traces of Chinese mobile sensor.

Be expected LeEco Le Pro 3 the 21st of this month, but in principle, according to rumors, would not come in a unicavariante, but in two, each one with a different screen resolution, battery size, RAM memory. We are going to meet these two twin beasts and see if these rumors are met.

Metallic design for the two

So far the only images that have circulated this device are of your part rear aluminum, which has a resemblance to the back of the [3 OnePlus] (3 OnePlus) of colour ‘soft gold’ except for the location of the LED flash (that, as shown in the image, It could be double tone) and by the presence of a fingerprint on the back sensor.

Small plastic bands that appear in the current ‘flagship’ OnePlus, being the superior who, in the middle of the tour, joins the Chamber, whose form is equal to of the OnePlus terminal are also in this terminal. This union you also sound HTC One M9 and whose aim would be the avoid the ‘Faraday cage’ effect.

They will guess the buttons for volume and power on the left side (looking at the back of the terminal). Unfortunately, there is nothing more Terminal: we do not know if you will have front speakers or or how much occupies will hide them in the bottom exactly the screen on its front. What if the rumours is that the screen will be 2.5 d.

The latest in hardware and RAM to give

As we have said above, rumor has it that two versions of this LeEco Le Pro 3 will be presented (other sites also called LeEco Pro 3), whose differences are really minimal. We started by screen, which would have a 5.7-inch version and a smaller 5.5 inch.

They would also differ in the resolution, being For the largest QHD and FullHD for the smallest of the two. What if will find matches will be on the processor, being the Snapdragon 821 responsible for executing the tasks we assign. Of course, we will find one GPU Adreno 530 slightly improved the Snapdragon 820.

As for the RAM, none of them will be precisely scarce, since the “humbler” version will have 6 GB of RAM and the big one of the two will come with a whopping of 8 GB RAM. In both cases, this memory will be LPDDR4. Another difference is in storage, and they would be 64 the small GB and 256 GB (Yes, you read correctly) for the large.

Both handsets will come with a hardware more than able to cope with the current high end with 6 GB RAM for the smallest and 8 GB for the largest. The most noteworthy section are its batteries next to your processor.

In the photographic section also seem to differ, and it is that the great would have a double 13 MP sensor and a 16 MP on front (take resolution), while the small would come with a camera of 16 MP back and front 8 MP. Be certain these rumors, photos would correspond to the more “humble”.

If you think that here they had “exaggerations”, wait for the batteries, and is that we would see 4,070 mAh in the smallest and the not inconsiderable figure of 5,000 mAh at the largest (I wish everyone did so as well). Both come with 6.0 Android Marshmallow If not a lucky unplanned. Their prices would be among the 314 and 448 dollars for the small and $598-463 the big man.

At the moment these are rumours, but if they met in the software section does not annoy her (with some layer of customization that malfunction, for example), can put things a bit more difficult to ‘traditional’ manufacturers. Do you think that all these rumors come true?