The Tanzanite: Shining Blue Gem of Tanzania

The gemstone tanzanite is regarded as particularly valuable and is therefore widely used in the jewelry sector

The shimmering blue gemstone tanzanite is – as its name suggests is – from the African country of Tanzania and found only about 40 years ago. Researchers at that time celebrated the tanzanite as century found in the gemstone sector. Until today, there is only one area the Miralani hills in Tanzania, where the gemstone is mined. The tanzanite is formed from hydrothermal solutions in corridors and crevices of gneiss and consists of a calcium-aluminium silicate mixture.
The tanzanite can be to classify zoisite group, which includes also the gems Thulit and Anyolite. He is a color variety of zoisite, just like the other two gems.
The rising from deep blue to pale Magentarot to color of tanzanite can often multi-coloured effect the gem. The jewel however is considered especially valuable if he carries the pure color sapphire blue or Ultramarine. The color can be amplified by heating and brown yellow discolouring to mend itself. Basically, it can be said that larger gems have a nicer and more intense color.

Used mostly in the faceted, gem has a spotless purity. The extreme rarity is reflected also in its price. The tanzanite is one of the most valuable gemstones at all. Women all over the world love the tanzanite because of its intense blue color and its flawlessness that flatters almost any skin and eye color.

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