The Possible Developments of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Point in a Clear Direction: Virtual Reality

Assuming that Samsung maintained the usual filing date, still have a lot to learn about the next member of the Galaxy S series, but the rumor mill already has revealed some possible details of the device and everything points to that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a smartphone prepared for virtual reality.

There is nothing confirmed, but all tracks appear to be focused on virtual reality, from the screen to the processors – because Yes, the S8 also come in two versions with different chip as they have already accustomed-. Last filtration refers to the variant with chip Exynos, specifically to the GPU It integrates, and new virtual reality sounds louder and louder.

Mali G71, would the new graphic for the S8?

A few days ago it was learned that a Samsung employee had been arrested for trying to sell confidential information to competitors in China, reason by which Samsung filed a complaint. The trial was held as planned, but leaked some documents that made reference to the possible Exynos of the Galaxy S8 chip, It would be made with the process of 10 nm.

According to SamMobile, the processor would be called Exynos 8895 and at the moment there is no information about the clock speed and the number of cores, but that have arisen more details about a key element: the GPU. Exynos 8895 would have a Mali GPU G71, the model ARM presented months ago, making it the most important details are already known.

The G71 Mali operates at 850 MHz and would be 1.8 times faster than the Mali T880 MP12 riding the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. But not only that, also is 20% more efficient from the energy point of view, and the performance has been improved by 40%. In addition, as it could not be otherwise, is compatible with the API Vulkan and supports screen 4 K, another new feature we can expect the S8 Galaxy, always according to the rumors.

Note that Samsung usually launch their ship logo in two variants with different processor and in the case of S8 would be the 830 Snapdragon, Qualcomm for 2017 that would also have high-end chip with support for 4K screens and a faster graphics (Adreno 540), although it would not be as fast as the G71 Mali.

Resolution 4K and dual edge curves, so would be the screen of the S8

Is not the first time that we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and virtual reality, already reached us tracks at the beginning of summer and successive Filtrations are still supporting the theory that the next flagship of Samsung will raise the bar in resolution and mount a panel 4K.

Currently Samsung Super AMOLED displays with resolution QHD in its more advanced models, resulting in a distribution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. This figure is more than what we need to see the images with good quality, but if you’ve tried you a Gear VR you’ve realized that it is quite short and the pixels become apparent.

But with a 4K screen (3.840 x 2.160 pixels) would reduce the pixelation effect by using virtual reality goggles, and everything indicates that this is the direction in which Samsung is directed. On the other hand, rumors that indicate the S8 will come in two versions with different screen size, but in this case a screen model wouldn’t be flat and the other curved screen that both would have the panel there are dual-edge that we have been seeing for some time in the catalog of the mark. Finally, also has been said that the galaxy S8 would come with support for Daydream of series, the platform of virtual reality that Google announced at the I/O Conference.

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but what is clear is that the S8 Galaxy has a huge responsibility, and is that not only must comply with what we expect from the flagship of Samsung, also has to repair the damage caused by the failure of Galaxy Note 7.