The Portability Express Closer

Expedite the change between mobile operators while retaining the number phone through the portability is something in which the CMT has been working time and finally begin to bear fruit after the difficulties encountered by operators to agree on the distribution of costs.

Mobile operators will have in the next two weeks a single platform for executing the changes between companies more reliable, transparent and fast thanks to greater coordination as already happens for years in fixed telephony.

In addition to the speed, users will suffer less “ problems ”, the CMT will ensure that portability procedures are conducted properly and even, in the future are you can move towards the poratibilidad between fixed and mobile.

But users can also leave winning indirectly if operators are “ forced ” to offer best rates in general instead of the current situation in which incumbents are also too accustomed to play with its customers and offer only the best in the counteroffers that make to prevent the escape of the customer who has already applied a portability.

Will have to see how it will implementing this new system because they will have to take into account factors such as selling online in which a management as fast as 2 days which is intended to achieve, would possibly not be enough for the shipment of the SIM to the address of the new customer by what would run the risk of running out of line to receive it.