The Operators Threaten to Not Continue to Invest in Their Networks

Two weeks ago we analyzed the cut in investment that mobile operators had carried out last year and the first reaction has come from the Secretary of State for telecommunications, Francisco Ros, who has shown little satisfaction to the about the 45% reduction in investment in networks It has occurred in the last two years.

Far from a reaction positive to the assertion that current networks can collapse without the relevant investments, operators have threatened the Government with Let invest up to regulate the conditions of the refarming, digital dividend.

The truth fairly logical reaction after the continuous postponements that is suffering from the regulation of the radio spectrum that will be freed after the analogue switch (digital dividend) and the possibility of using 900 Mhz. band on the deployment of new networks (refarming). The operators appear to have been tired of waiting and its position is firm and clear:

Vodafone He said that there is no deployment of next generation networks because the regulatory regarding these networks issue has not been solved and claims the same conditions as in Europe.

Orange He has indicated that the current deployment in new generation networks is limited by what will not invest in mobile broadband until you know what happens to the spectrum.

Yoigo He noted that it will continue to invest up to 13% more during the first part of the year but that the rest of the year will depend on what happens with the Refarming.

The time is running out and Spain has until May to position itself in the redeployment of the Radioelectric spectrum although it will now be more conditioned than ever by so much passivity in defining it and because operators may be more demanding to have demonstrated the brutal opportunities in a sector that despite the crisis, customers have not renounced their services (even if they have had to rationalize spending).