The LED Light and the Power of Color

The LED light is more economically and ecologically correct, you already know. But we doubt that you meet all of the alternatives that the LED can offer to leave your House and cozy.

One of these alternatives is the use of colored lights to the decor of your home. Besides leaving the environment more fun, the color of the lighting can influence directly in your life and in your body.

What is therapy?

The therapy can be understood as the therapy that establishes a balance between the body and mind through the colors. The method is based on the seven colors of the Rainbow, which propagate in an environment, causing an effect in space. Some people believe that the colors have the power to influence even our health.


The warm colours are more emotional, and the red, specifically, is the most indicated to ward off discouragement and depression. Despite being the “colour of passion”, the Red has the power to make people more hectic, so is not very suitable for the rooms.


Color of creativity, the yellow influences the productivity and is very used to leave happier environments.


Regenerator, orange is used for emotional recovery.


The Green is soothing and brings balance, but avoid using it in gardens. After all, the lighting should be used to highlight the environment, and not to “steal the show”. Another plus point is that the green lighting attracts less insects.


The blue light is good for the eyes, so is a great option for study tables and offices. Chromo therapy believe that Blue has reassuring properties, being great to illuminate a relaxing bath.


Is one of the most spiritual color, used to isolate the bad vibes.


Brings love and Union, helping primarily in the balance of relationships.

LED lighting is with the PD LED

It is important to remember that the main light on the environment must be the closest to natural light as possible from DEALLEDLIGHTS, so the LED is white as shown. But for a secondary lighting or some specific corner of the environment, the colorful LED works very well.

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