The Improvements Do Not Forgive: New IPhones Grow Slightly in Dimensions and Weight

Summer always earn some gramitos, and it seems that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have not escaped the trend, although in this case it is a symptom of good health. While we still digest the last presentation from Apple and everything what has announced, crumbling the data we have new terminals we see changes in dimensions and weight.

“Thickening” is confirmed

The rumors, which in this case have little left factor surprise ceremony today, already spoke of an iPhone 6s slightly thicker than its predecessor, the iPhone 6, by the material that was filtering. It was to target the exact dimension of this new thickness, 0.2 mm, which as we have seen is has confirm, and follows:

  • iPhone 6 6.9 mm vs. iPhone 6s of 7.1 mm
  • iPhone 6 plus 7.1 mm vs. iPhone 6s 7.3 mm Plus

We are talking about something as seemingly insignificant as a fifth of a millimeter but that in what refers to these as small-scale constructions, every bit of space features. Based on this, it is likely that actually thickening is due to the fact of incorporating the 3D Touch and the use of the 7000 series aluminum, a more resistant than the previous Variant.

What you mentioned irreparably? When we speak of more space, and, as it is the subject of the autonomies in the recent flagships environment to 5 inches, the idea comes to head quickly from fill with milliampere. It is something that, aside from the thick, still we can not dismiss because it wouldn’t be the first time that there is increased (light) in a “s” model (we saw it from the 5th to the 5s). At the moment we don’t have technical data of the battery.

The scale does not lie

NI for us nor for smartphones, and in the case of new iPhones draws attention, even trying to grams. So he sat them operation bikini to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with respect to the previous model:

  • iPhone 6s: 143 grams, 14 grams the iPhone 6 (129 grams)
  • iPhone Plus 6s: 192 g, 20 grams the iPhone 6 Plus (172 g)

We have no data or details about the exact cause of this more marked increase than in previous occasions. Yes it is true that in addition to a change components internally, be added to the implementation of the new panel with 3D Touch and can that it has also influenced the change of the material, and that resistance also been translated in a few grams more.

Anyway, they are changes that called attention to numeric level and there is nothing too noticeable in appearance. Is not expected to influence a change in user experience, although as with screen densities, it can not all realize it There will be more sensitive users that in hand if you perceive this change.