The Image of The Week: Windows 7-Flavoured Ice Cream Sandwich

It seems that Google has finally created an interface of Android that most of users like. And like so much that some want to enjoy something similar on their computers and they personalize Windows 7 so that it has a touch of the Ice Cream Sandwich interface.

The user 9davidandres of Flickr shows how he has inspired by Ice Cream Sandwich to your Windows 7 Desktop and that application has been used to achieve this. If you also want to customize your desktop these are the programs that the user used:

  • The wallpaper of WallBase Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • The RocketDock with a theme without anything to create the dock to the left side.
  • The Ice Cream Sandwich Icon Pack from DroidPirate.
  • The Rainmeter to configure desktop.
  • The Minimal Bar skin for Rainmeter to show date and time.
  • The Lexis skin for Rainmeter to show climate.
  • The implesentencethree for Rainmeter to see the music that you are listening to.
  • The Google Search Bar for Rainmeter.
  • The theme Appows Work for the taskbar of Windows 7, which is included in APPOWS2010 of DeviantArt.
  • The source Roboto.

We need to install the applications in that order. To install the theme Appows Work we have to do that third-party themes can be installed in Windows 7, a way of doing this is with the Universal Theme Patcher application. Once search item in the folder that we have downloaded, copy it to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes and select it in the customization of the desktop. The source of Roboto is to customize the theme and widgets with this font.