The Green Battery Icon of The Note 7: What It Is and How Remove It

It seems that you are putting fashion this from “the curse of the year”, and is that last year it fell to Qualcomm and its Snapdragon 810 (you know, that processor that promises to heat up the House that you put a game), and in 2016 also has warm State (easy joke) with Galaxy Note 7 and battery.

While we wait to see what is the curse of the coming year, Samsung has made solution to this problem hit of a Global return program that is costing more than $ 1,000 billion. To differentiate the Note 7 defective the normal Samsung has launched a update via OTA in which changing the battery icon to put it green.

What use is the Green battery icon?

As we said before, Samsung released an update via OTA, who has begun to be distributed today by the United States and Canada and which should not take long to reach the rest of countries, of only 50 MB of weight I changed the battery icon to fill it in green color instead of white, the standard Google.

To place the icon of that color they have obtained an exclusive permission from Google the special circumstances of this case. This update It serves to distinguish the normal defective terminals, These last being those who would receive the change. Notice that the security patch is not modified in this OTA.

Defective terminals that receive this update they will not change the battery icon to green, but that, whenever turns off or you start the device, a recoratorio will give you so that you turn off the phablet, keep it in a box and change it for one normal. Apparently Samsung already has enough stock to cover all cases of defective terminals.

The sole purpose of the Green battery icon is therefore differentiate a normal 7 Note of one defective. This icon It will be shown in the notification bar, ‘Always On’ screen and the shutdown of the device menu, as shown in the image above.

Can you remove this green icon or give up the update?

As to renounce the update, apparently is not possible (anyway, the only reason why he could renounce this OTA is because you hate the Green icons, which is the only thing that changes) since is a mandatory update. Another thing is that you can postpone it because you’re out of a Wi-Fi network, but in principle it is not possible to renounce this update.

Then, if someone hates green battery icon, how can I change the color? The answer to that would be the root and, after that, go to modules de Xposed or to custom ROMs, taking advantage of the terminal is not even with Android Nougat (time in which the root would be even more difficult to achieve).

It would also be possible, if the developers have worked on it, find ‘mods’ to be installed as an apk ordinary or can be flashing for recovery that will allow you to customize the battery icon (and perhaps all the notification bar) so put it to your liking.

Whatever it is, unless you deeply hate the color green, there would be no reason to take a chance to root your device (if it is not even) just to change a small icon you’ll find in three different sites. In addition, is a way to differentiate a normal 7 Note of one defective lot easier than having to look at the IMEI of the device.